Electroporation LED Photon Facial RF Radio
Electroporation LED Photon Facial RF Radio
Electroporation LED Photon Facial RF Radio

Electroporation LED Photon Facial RF Radio

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Skin Tightening Machine. Operate with unique, deeper, effects that can stimulate the regeneration of collagen, tightening of the skin and overall appearance of the skin. It is safe and effective.

Designed for a variety of skin types, adjustable with 6 kinds of functions and 5 levels of intensity. It works efficiently without damage. Charged with an inductive charging stand, portable design and super long standby time(40 days), it makes convenient to use, even during a long trip. Beauty Instrument x1, English Manual x1, Power line x1, Charging stand x1.

Amazing results! After use, your skin is smoother and so glowing!!!
Used at level 4 RF and Red LED at 3 min per 1/4 of the face at a time. Facial RF Radio Frequency multifunctional beauty skincare machine, fit for different types of skin, nursing on all aspects of your skin, and it is of great value. Within 7 times you will note that the chin is tighter, eyebrows will lift, eye troughs are starting to diminish, the lines start to retract and the face looks more narrow.

You will Love this product! Some customer was skeptical that it would work but their skin looks absolutely wonderful since they started using it. Fine to moderate lines are diminished. Any pimples get zapped & are gone by the next day. You will always have this product to thank for your your home.

1. Do not use direct photon exposure to the eyes, close your eyes when you do eye care.
2. The light therapy device is a beauty care instruments for healthy skin, please do not use for purposes other than cosmetic.
3. The light therapy can not be in contact with water, such as accidentally fell into the water, please stop using it.
4. When the body is abnormal, please stop using it.
5. Do not disassemble the product without maintenance.
6. Pregnant women and children can not used.
7.The color of the Product shell may be a bit different, please understand.

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